Fantasy Adventure for Young Readers
Unique Bedtime Stories About Baby Animals in a World Filled with Magic and Mayhem. 
Copyright Katharine Giles 2014
Logan The Baby White Tiger,
The Jungle Wizard


        While his mother slept, Logan daydreamed. It seemed he was always daydreaming because he didn't want to grow up and be a namby pamby white tiger. He wanted to grow up and be a ferocious green dragon.

        "Maybe if I wish real hard, my dream will come true."

        So he wished and he wished - but nothing happened. He wished some more - and still nothing happened. 

        "I'll have to forget about green dragons and be happy with who I am." With that thought Logan headed off into the jungle to find someone to play with. Logan didn't know that a jungle wizard had recently moved to his neck of the woods and that's the first person he ran into.

          "Hello, little white tiger," said the wizard. "Do you need any magic today?"

        "Wow!" Logan exclaimed. "Can you really do magic?"

        "Of course I can. I'm a jungle wizard."

        "If you're a jungle wizard, why do you look like a monkey?"

           "I have to wear a disguise so no one will recognize me."

           "In that case, there is something you can help me with," Logan told him. "I want to be a green dragon."

        "Oh. My." said the wizard. "That's the most difficult request I've ever had."

        "Please try," Logan begged. "I really want to be a green dragon."

        "I'll tell you what I'll do," said the wizard.  "You come back tomorrow and we'll work on it."

        "I'll see you tomorrow," Logan called him and ran happily back home.

        Early the next morning an excited Logan met the wizard in the jungle. 

        "I'm ready to make you a green dragon," the wizard told him. "But this is difficult and you'll have to come back until I can finish the job."

        "Okay. Okay." Logan told him. "What do I have to do?"

        "Go over by that tree and close your eyes," the wizard told him. "I have to say some magic words and touch your tail."

        Logan went over by the tree, closed his eyes and the wizard touched his tail.

        "You can open your eyes now and look at your tail," the wizard told him.

        Logan opened his eyes and discovered his tail had turned green.

"I'm turning into a dragon! Thank you. Thank you, Mr. Wizard."

        "The tail is the easiest part," the wizard told him. "When you come back tomorrow, I have to put a sack over your head before I can do your body."

        "Okay, Mr. Wizard," Logan replied and he happily ran home to show his mother his dragon tail.
        It goes without saying that momma tiger wasn't happy with Logan's green tail but she didn't know what to do about it so she gave him a good scolding. That didn't bother Logan because the next time she saw him she couldn't be mad because he would be a green dragon. What mother tiger didn't want one of those?

        The next morning Logan raced into the jungle and found Mr. Wizard by the tree.

        "Are you ready?" asked Mr. Wizard. "I have to put this sack over your head before I begin."

        "I'm ready," Logan told him and let Mr. Wizard put the sack on his head.

        "Stand still," Mr. Wizard told him. "I have to touch your body to turn it into a green dragon.

        Logan stood as still as a mouse while Mr. Wizard rubbed and rubbed and rubbed. He finally finished whatever he was doing and took the sack off Logan's head.

        "Now you have a dragon's body," Mr. Wizard told him.

        Logan looked at his body. "My body's green but it looks like a tiger's body," Logan told Mr. Wizard.

        "That's normal," Mr. Wizard replied. "I can change the color in an instant but it takes time to change shape.  You'll look like a dragon when you wake up in the morning."   

        "What about my head?" asked Logan. "I want a really ferocious dragon head."

        "I have to think about that," replied Mr. Wizard. "Why don't you come back in a few days?"

        About that time an angry Momma White Tiger came running into the clearing and screamed, "Logan! I've been looking all over for you! What has that monkey done to you?"

"This is Mr. Jungle Wizard and he's turning me into a dragon." 

"No he isn't," Momma Tiger replied. "He's turning you into a green tiger! Didn't you see all that paint on his hands? You come home with me right now! It's going to take forever to get that off!"

The moral of this story …. Be happy with who you are.

Copyright Katharine Giles 2014
For Wee Adventurers
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by Katharine Giles
Baby Animal Stories
Clara, the baby ostrich, lived at the zoo with her mother. Every day lots and lots of people came to see her but she was lonely because she had no one to play with. Clara didn't understand why her mom liked living at the zoo because she had never been chased by the dangerous animals in a faraway place called Africa like her mom.

One day Clara was playing by herself and running around the field as fast as she could. She had almost reached farthest corner of the field when she tripped on a rock and went flying. She hit the rotten wooden fence so hard that she crashed right through it. Clara picked herself up off the ground and shook her head.

"I bet I can find a playmate on this side of the fence," she said aloud. She was just about to go looking for a playmate when a voice told her, "I wouldn't go in there if I were you, little ostrich."

"Who's there?" Clara asked. "Who's talking to me?"

"I am," said a little bird sitting on the fence.

"I want to find a playmate," Clara told the bird. "Why can't I go looking for one on this side of the fence?"

"Because this is where the yellow-spotted dragons live and they would love to have a baby ostrich for lunch," explained little bird.

"Oh," Clara replied. "My mom didn't tell me about yellow-spotted dragons. How about you? Will you be my friend?"

"I can't," the bird told her and flew off the fence. "I'm late getting home. I only stopped to see if you were okay."

Clara watched the little bird fly away and then turned to look at the field. "Maybe the little bird doesn't know what it's talking about," she muttered and headed into the field.  She hadn't gone two steps when she saw something in the grass and walked over to see what it was.

"What is that?" She got really excited when she discovered what she had found. "It's a big green egg! I'm going to take it home and ask mom to hatch it and then I'll have a playmate!"

Clara grabbed the egg in her beak, carried it through the fence and ran all the way home. She found her mom and put the egg at her feet.

"Mom! Mom, look what I found! Can you hatch it so I'll have a playmate?"

"I can't hatch that weird-looking egg," her mom told her. "Ostrich eggs aren't green."

"I can make a nest for it," Clara told her. "Please, mom. Please."

"How can you make a nest?" her mom asked.

"I can get hay from the elephants next door," Clara begged. "Please, mom. Please."

 Now it's always difficult for a mother to say no to her child so Momma Ostrich told Clara, "Okay. If you'll make a nest, I'll hatch the egg. But you'll have to take care of it after it hatches. And don't be disappointed when this weird green egg hatches and it isn't a baby ostrich."

"I don't care," Clara cried and ran off. "I just want someone to play with. I'm going to see Mrs. Elephant right now!"

When Clara told Mrs. Elephant that she needed hay to build a nest, Mrs. Elephant let her take what she wanted. Clara made three trips until she got enough hay to build her mother a nest beneath the biggest tree she could find. She didn't know how long it would take the egg to hatch and she didn't want her mother to sit in the sun all day.

Clara visited her mother every day so she would be there when her new playmate arrived. One day her mother told her, "The egg moved today. I think your new playmate will be here tomorrow."

"Can I see it? Can I see it?" Clara cried, excitedly hopping around.

"You can see it tomorrow," her mother told her.

Clara was beside herself with joy. Early the next morning she ran to her mother. "Can I see it? Can I see it?"  

"Your new playmate broke out of the shell last night but I don't know what it is," her mother told her when she got off the nest. "I've never seen anything like it."

Clara looked down at a wiggly green creature with yellow spots, four legs, big black eyes and a long tail. She cried in delight. "I don't care what it is. I think it's cute. I'm going to get it some bugs." Clara picked up her new playmate and ran off toward the rotten log where she always went to catch her favorite bugs.

One of her mother's friends saw her with her new playmate and approached Clara's mother.

"And what is Clara going to do with that spotted green dragon you just hatched?" she asked.

"Oh, my. Oh, my. Oh, my," said Clara's mother when she realized she would have to tell Clara that she couldn't keep her new playmate.

"Don't worry," said her friend. "Clara will be happy to give up the spotted green dragon when I tell you the latest news. I wasn't supposed to tell anyone but Judy laid an egg yesterday. Clara will have a real playmate soon."

c. 2014, Katharine Giles
Clara The Baby Ostrich
 The Mysterious Green Egg